02 July 2011

Symantec Endpoint Protection v12.1.601.4699

Symantec Endpoint Protection combines Symantec AntiVirus with advancedthreat prevention, providing unsurpassed protection of laptops anddesktops, and servers from malicious programs. The program not onlyoffers industry leading antivirus protection, but also based on thesignatures protect against spyware. This solution also ensures theprevention of threats, which helps protect endpoints from targetedattacks and unknown. Symantec Endpoint Protection includes ready intensive technologies thatautomatically analyze application behaviors and network connections todetect and block suspicious activities, as well as administrationcapabilities that allow certain actions to ban devices and applicationsthat are considered extremely dangerous for the organization. Certainactions can be blocked even by the location of the user. In addition,protected from even the most complex, elusive to traditional means ofsecurity attacks, such as a rootkit, exploit zero day and changingspyware.


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