11 May 2011

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 11

Paragon Partition Manager software for simple and reliable control of hard disk partitions allows you to create, format, delete partitions and make them active, inactive, hide, etc.
Supports work with FAT, FAT32, FAT16x, FAT32x, NTFS, Ext2FS, HPFS, Linux Swap partitions. Paragon Partition Manager allows you to resize partitions for all of these types, convert without losing data in the FAT32 FAT16, and NTFS in FAT/FAT32 and vice versa; permitted copying / moving sections of all types listed above. One of the features of Paragon Partition Manager is that when it detects bad sectors software, making the necessary adjustments, will continue to copy / move partitions. Paragon Partition Manager can work with large hard drives (80 GB). Built in Paragon Partition Manager security feature protects against system failures, including power off when modifying partitions.


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